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Alongside my usual free tips, I run a Premium tipping service where we have made profit in 15 of our last 17 months! (Check out results of previous Premium months here and see January’s live P/L sheet here), making over 430u profit in total. This operates throughout the week. The full benefits of Premium are summarised below.

Premium Benefits

  • Premium tips – My highest value tips (both pre-match and in-play), which have an incredible record over 4 years. In 2022 we saw 162.63u profit and 15.85% ROI. Pre-match tips are posted to telegram, whilst the in-play tips are posted directly to the twitter page.
  • Odds maintaining after tips – Due to the limited number of spots available in my premium group (40 maximum), when a tip is posted there is a smaller amount of people placing money on that bet at once, unlike groups that contain hundreds to thousands of people. Groups like that often see odds on a tip drop very quickly once the tip has been posted, often within 2 minutes. Odds typically hold for over an hour when posted to my group, before bookies begin adjusting the odds to correct odds. This gives followers a much higher chance of being able to back all tips posted, whereas in other groups they may only be able to get on 20-30% of tips per month.
  • Access to all tips – I primarily focus on using bet365 for tips, with an aim of 90% of premium bets per month to be on bet365. This is the most widely used bookie for most gamblers looking for a professional tipster and accounts tend to last longer with bet365 before any restrictions. This means that Premium members are able to get on almost all tips every month, unlike with a lot of premium services. Bet365 also offers a cash-out feature on the vast majority of bets, which we may utilise.
  • Increased Giveaway Entries – Double entry to giveaways as a Premium member, compared to a free member.

Payment methods

To join Premium and start earning money, you must sign up for a membership. I offer a 1 month, 3 months or 6 months membership below. Credit/debit card payments are accepted, as well as PayPal payments. When purchasing a membership, please message my free account or Premium account with proof of purchase and your paypal email or name (If paypal is used). Once paid for, please follow my Premium account – TR_Members

Membership renewals/Cancellation periods

Payments are one-off payments, so you do not have to worry about them auto-renewing.

For one month memberships you can receive a full refund of your membership within 24 hours of signing up. For 3 month memberships and 6 month memberships you can receive a full refund within 48 hours of signing up. Beyond these cancellation periods memberships can no longer be refunded.

1 Month Membership

1 Month Membership to my Premium page. This works perfectly as a trial for those who are new to the service.


3 Month Membership

3 Month Membership to my Premium page. This is ideal for those who are looking for long-term consistency from a tipster, allowing a fully immersive experience into my Premium page.


6 Month Membership

6 Month Membership to my Premium page. For those who know what my Premium page can produce, and are looking for a long-term tipster to truly help them improve their betting portfolio.


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