Premium Membership

Alongside my usual free tips, I run a premium tipping service where we have made profit in 15/19 months since it opened (Check out results of previous premium months here), making over 160U profit in total. This operates throughout the week. The full benefits of VIP are summarised below:

  • Premium tips – My top tips (both pre-match and in-play), which have a very good record over almost 2 years. Pre-match tips are posted to telegram, whilst the in-play tips are posted directly to the twitter page.
  • Increased Giveaway Entries – Double entry to giveaways as a premium member, compared to a free member.
  • Discounts on other groups – Occasionally, other groups will be made for a specific event, such as the Euros 2020. Premium members will be able to get a discounted membership for those groups.

To join premium and start earning money, you must sign up for a membership. I offer a 1 month, 3 months or 6 months membership below. Credit/debit card payments are accepted, as well as PayPal payments. When purchasing a membership, please message my free account or premium account with proof of purchase and your paypal email or name (If paypal is used). Once paid for, please follow my premium account – TR_Members

Payments are one-off payments, so you do not have to worry about them auto-renewing.

1 Month Membership

1 Month Membership to my premium page. This works perfectly as a trial for those who are new to the service, or a top up for those who are already experiencing it.


3 Month Membership

3 Month Membership to my premium page. This is ideal for those who are looking for long-term consistency from a tipster, allowing a fully immersive experience into my premium page.


6 Month Membership

For those who know what my premium page can produce, and are looking for a long-term tipster to truly help them create a betting portfolio.


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