P/L Sheets

Beneath are my P/L (Profit/Loss) sheets for every month since I started tipping. I provide these openly to all of my followers, as I am completely clear with all of my profits. Profit/Loss is tracked in units (U) – for more information on units please view my “Information” page. My Premium P/L sheets are separate to my overall (Free page + Premium page) page P/L sheets, please click the links below to view Premium P/L sheets or Value Group P/L sheets:

To view a sheet, click on the link.

2018: Overall (Premium + free page) profit – 107.32U

2019: Overall (Premium + free page) profit – 135.65U

2020 Overall (Premium + free page) profit – 80.61U

October 2020 – April 2021 I was partnered with Tipster Charlie. All P/L sheets for that time can be found on his website.


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