Welcome to my website. My name is Tipster Robbo, and I am a professional football tipster. What this means is I combine a statistical analysis of matches with an in depth knowledge grown over multiple years to give out football tips on which games to bet on and exactly what bets to place. I also inform how much money to place per bet, leaving you with nothing to do but follow my instructions and make money! I also have various contacts involved in various leagues around the world, including the South Korean K-League 1 and 2, the Gibraltan Premier League and the Czech Republic First League and 3. Ligy. All my tips are posted to my twitter, which can be found here.

This website has various sections, which can be found in the menu at the top, the first being this page, and the second being “Information”, which explains the different terminology I use in tips and a breakdown of how to understand the format of my tips. The third page is “Pre-match” which contains my upcoming pre-match tips from my free page. The fourth page consists of my P/L sheets. This page gives a record of every single tip I have ever given, whether it won or lost and what the profit was. The fifth page my Premium Membership page, on which you can find information about the premium service I offer, as well as the option to sign up for premium membership.

Remember, 18+ only and please gamble responsibly!

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